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Hand Woven Chinese Imperial Brocade Silk Wall Art - EB2


Called Yunjin(云锦)in Chinese meaning "brocade of the clouds", the Chinese Imperial Brocade as its named indicates is a hand-woven fabric of extremely delicate details, made from 100% silk, or an amalgamation of silk threads, peacock feathers, and precious metal threads such as gold, silver and copper to form a high-value lustrous textile to be used in imperial apparels and for royal gifting to high officials in court.

Clouds, floral and animal patterns are recurring motifs for the Chinese Imperial Brocade, which represent both elevated social status and the wishes for living a great life in this life and beyond. Yunjin takes a painstaking process to make. Usually it takes two skilled artisans a day to wave a mere 5-6cm of Yunjin, which makes the fabric extremely valuable as a result. Yunjin can only be hand woven so far to this day. 

The imagery of magpies and persimmons represents good luck and indicates that good things are to happen in a row. 

DIMENSION:23*23cm(fabric), 42*42cm(frame)

STYLE: Classism 

Maintenance: Avoid intense heat and direct sunlight.

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