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Chinese Wood Carving Figurine Sculpture Statue - GT3


Di Opera(地戏) is a branch of traditional Chinese Nuo Opera(傩戏) which was popular in Guizhou province, Anhui province and other Chinese inland geographical areas traditionally.  Di Opera masks are often characterized by very vibrant colors and shapes. 

Masks are the most important element of Nuo Opera (傩戏), a Chinese form of folk operas performed by shamans and Nuo performers in a ritual dance performed to give tribute to the sacred and ask for good blessings and fortune. Due to its functions, it's considered a transcendental object holding the power of enabling communications between the living and the sacred, thus being considered a piece for dispelling ominous and bringing auspiciousness by Chinese households traditionally. 



MATERIAL: Natural wood, paint


STYLE: Classic, contemporary

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